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Mia Mocha: a Voice for Good in the HD

You can hear her middays as she plays and talks up the tunes on HD 96.3, the High Desert's Hip Hop and R&B radio station, but Mia Mocha uses her voice in other powerfully good ways, too. With a generous spirit and a heart for others, Mia works hard to help whenever and wherever she can.  She’s raised her family, including her three children, Bianca, Christian, and Cameron as well as her nephew David, while encouraging them all to pursue education. It’s paid off too as Bianca sits for the California Bar exam in June. The example she set for her children has sparked their desire to serve others, too.

As a radio personality, Mia is able to use her voice and her audience to help make a difference in the lives of women and children, here and around the world.  She supports organizations determined to end human trafficking, promote education, and to lift women and children out of poverty. Mia has volunteered as MC and hostess for dozens of nonprofit groups, fundraisers, and charitable organizations around the high desert.  Mia is the recipient of numerous awards for her work with high school students, women’s groups, and more.

Growing up in a large family, Mia had three ambitions growing up: 1, to be a television newscaster, 2, to be an animator, and 3, to be a nun!  Two out of three is not bad. Mia has worked in television news and is working on illustrating and writing a children’s book, and as for the nun part, well her marriage and family got in the way of that goal, but her heart for service and her desire to do good in the world can be counted as meeting that dream.  Next time you’re traversing up and down the radio dial, take a listen to the lovely Mia Mocha.

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