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Mama Carpino’s Awaited Offspring

by Stephanie Morris

Once upon a September in 2003, a delightful Italian eatery was born in the town of Apple Valley. It was given the name Mama Carpino’s, and as with most newborns, it was petite in size. Its quaint ambiance and exquisite fare were hailed by the people, and it thrived expeditiously in both reputation and size.  Proprietor Tom Carpino was so pleased with Mama Carpino’s success that he was motivated to open another, even larger establishment in the land of Hesperia. The people of the H.D. were ecstatic, and appetites became heightened in joyous anticipation! The End? Nope. It’s just the beginning!

The new, highly awaited Mama Carpino’s, expected to open in fall of 2019, will be located at 8625 8th Avenue (the corner of 8th Ave. & Juniper St.), just across from the Civic Plaza Park. The 9,880 square-foot first phase of the project will include a deli, gelato, quick-serve grab-and-go options, and an underground wine cellar and bar. The second phase will showcase a 7,800 square-foot banquet room that will occupy approximately 350 guests. The enchanting venue is ideal for a romantic date night, dinner out with family, and large business and/or celebratory events.

If you think you’d like to be a part of the Mama Carpino’s family, this may be your opportunity, as they are planning to hire 50-75 employees. The menu will mirror that of their Apple Valley location, and if you’ve never had the pleasure to sample their delicious fare, your cravings may be gratified at 22010 Highway 18 in Apple Valley. Feel free to peruse the menu at For more information, email inquiries to, or give them a call 760-240-9664. You may also interact with them on Facebook!

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