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by Stephanie Morris
Stopped by Kallans in Oak Hills today, l

Truth be told, I walked in expecting mediocre but was quickly and pleasantly taken aback. My first impression was set in place as a friendly greeting and a beautiful smile welcomed me from behind the bar. My visit was unexpected, so Cindy, the charismatic bartender, had no clue I was there to take notes. I sipped chardonnay, drooled over the menu, and watched staff/customer interactions before I chose to extend my hand to introduced myself. Cindy was attentive to all in her care and was quite gracious as I pelted her with questions.

The atmosphere also exceeded my expectations. Kallans is not a typical sports bar. Yes, they have the all the usual perks—numerous TVs, a pool table, a rockin’ juke box, etc. But, what impressed me is the ambiance. There’s a comfortable, yet contemporary, elegance about the place. I overheard someone saying it had a “cool vibe” and I found myself nodding in agreement. It’s family-friendly, so you can feel comfortable treating your kids to a delicious meal, and the charming, picturesque patio is on-point for date-nights. If you’re looking to put work behind you and blow off a little steam, the vibe changes at 9:00 pm—when the adults come out to play. It’s a happening hot spot for music, themed parties, viewing sporting events, and pay-per-view boxing matches. You know—fun!

Be sure to bring your appetite because Kallans takes food seriously, and their menu reflects it. Like tacos? Well, there are six varieties to choose from. They offer a wide range of appetizers, salads, gourmet sandwiches, and generous burgers. They’ve also got several vegan options, which is a huge plus. And, your kids—well, they’ve got their backs, too.  If it’s your sweet tooth that needs attention, you may want to spend some time with Kallans’ dessert menu. It’s all good.

Proprietors Shadi Haddad, Stephanie Martin, and Ken Giberson should be praised for their team and training, as every one of their staff family appeared pumped to provide an exceptional experience for their guests. And, as I watched Ken work the room, introducing himself and showing genuine appreciation for his patrons, it was clear to me that management leads by example.  

You can find Kallans on Facebook at, but better yet, experience the fun at 13330 Ranchero Rd. in Oak Hills. If you’ve got questions, you can reach them (760) 998-2657.

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