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The High-Energy High-D Boys

The fun, fabulous High-D Boys have been a fixture in the local music scene for going on nine years now. Featuring Robert Blomker on vocals and ukulele, Phil Clevinger on washtub bass, sousaphone, and cornet, Daniel Reyes on guitar, and Mike Kelly on banjo and guitar, this high-energy pop/folk/comedy group often bills themselves as “The Worst Band in Southern California,” however, they are anything but that. It would actually be more accurate to say they play everything you like, in fresh ways you’ve never heard before. The result is nothing short of delightful, and you owe it to yourself to check them out!


The High-D Boys started as a ukulele jazz band, with original members Patrick Summers and Javier Alcantara-Rojas, but they evolved into more of a show band, which was a natural evolution, thanks to Blomker’s theater background. They are not a band that stands there and plays one song after another. They encourage audience participation and the energy that brings, and they banter and joke with the crowd between songs, which creates magical experiences that are never the same twice. One of the things that contributes to this magic is that, beyond the fact they are talented and have a diverse playlist, the High-D Boys are just nice guys, and that radiates off the stage. You will just love them.  


You can experience the High-D Boys for yourself every month at the Desert Barn Brewery in Hesperia and the Wine Seller in Apple Valley, where they are crowd favorites, and you can follow them on Facebook at, or on Instagram @highdboys. Enjoy!

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