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Moto X

The High Desert of Southern California is full of life and action—to be more specific, action sports— and over the course of the next few issues of H D Living, we will take a look at three different extreme sports that are thriving here in the High Desert, starting with one that has been steadily gaining in popularity over the past decade or so, motocross.
Southern California has long been known as the birthplace of extreme action sports, and the High Desert is no stranger to many of them. Given its climate, geology and relative openness, the High Desert is the perfect place to participate in motocross. With the many trails in the open desert and the local mountains, along with multiple race tracks in the area, riders have many options on where and when to ride.
To learn more about the local MX scene, we asked a few local riders from the High Desert about the sport, and what got them started, and here is what they said:
Josh Staggs (#18) started out the same way a lot of people did, riding BMX. He had always had an interest in motocross, but it wasn't until his teens that he actually started riding motocross. Josh believes that motocross is a great sport that the entire family can enjoy together along with friends, even with the inherent dangers associated with the sport. His favorite track is Sunrise/Milestone MX park in Adelanto, which after the closing of Competitive Edge MX park in Hesperia off of the 395, is the only true local motocross track left in the immediate area.
Another local rider, Shawn Callahan (#916), grew up around motorcycles. Shawn’s grandpa, father and uncles all rode motorcycles, which sparked his interest in the sport at an early age. like Josh, Shawn believes the most positive aspect of the motocross scene in the High Desert is the friendships that he has forged over the years, which seems to be a common theme.
Chris Thompson (#121), moved to the High Desert in the early 90’s and started racing motocross shortly thereafter. His father, Steve Thompson, raced motocross in the late 70’s, sparking the interest of his son to follow in his motocross footsteps. Since the closure of Competitive Edge, Chris's favorite track is LACR in Palmdale, Ca, about 40 minutes from Victorville. Chris believes as well that the local motocross scene is one that can be enjoyed by the entire family, and the motocross community is very close-knit, adding to the positive friendships in the local scene.
Something these riders all have in common is the sense of freedom they experience when riding their two-wheeled machines, whether motorized, or in many of their cases, non-motorized mountain bikes. Being outside, pushing their minds, bodies and machines to the edge, is definitely a fun way to stay in shape. If you or anyone you know is interested in getting started in motocross, reach out to a local rider— they would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have as well as point you in the right direction.


Sunrise MX Park
1011 Race Rd.
Adelanto, CA 92301


Los Angeles County Raceway Motocross (LACR MX)
7010 E Ave.
Palmdale, CA 93552

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