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Donovan Homes

Donovan Damron is an innovator in the High Desert home building market. He first founded Donovan Development in 2010, remodeling and reselling foreclosed homes in the area, carefully honing his design skills, knowing eventually the market would turn around, and he could pursue his passion of designing new homes from the ground up, which he indeed began to do in 2016. Over this relatively short time, Donovan Homes has built a reputation for crafting lovely homes and guiding buyers through the process to make it stress-free and easy. 

One of the things Damron—Donnie to his friends— started to do early on was travel the West for inspiration. He studied a variety of mid-century architecture styles from Arizona to Palm Springs because of their obvious adaptations to hot, arid weather, but he also drew inspiration from the homes in the Pacific Northwest, where they experience colder weather like we do here. The result is a happy hybridization with nods to craftsman style, featuring metal or tile roofs, the sturdy plaster walls of classic desert homes and stone accents—his home designs are elegant, modern, and livable. 

Damron is quick to credit his team and speaks fondly of his loyal office manager of six years, Lea Ann Ogden, who has twenty years of office experience; his superintendent, Ely Jones, who built over 500 homes in the HD before joining forces; and his talented designer, Todd Dondlinger who knows how to magically make Damron’s vision a reality—after all, he has built everything from cost-effective homes to Malibu mansions over the last 30 years. He also feels he would be remiss not to mention his real estate broker, Karen Walker of High Desert Home Source, his in-house sales manager Laura Berry, and his field assistant, Tyler Jessen. Damron believes that the most important task in any business is to build a team of knowledgeable folks with a ton of experience and wisdom, and he knows that he has accomplished that. 

Lately, Donovan Homes is adding something new to their repertoire—small homes! Damron started by building gorgeous, large homes, but kept hearing the lament from first-time buyers that while they loved them, they were unable to afford them. He responded by taking the best things about his big homes—the quality, style, touches of luxury and open floor plans, and incorporating them into smaller, more cost-effective homes. Another thing Donovan Homes does that separates them from the competition is their willingness to build a custom home to a specific lot—taking into account the way the view, sun angles and desert wind will affect the homeowner’s experience. 

Damron invites you to visit their website,, to see the different floor plans, designs, and styles they offer, as well as homes and available lots that are already for sale right now. There, you can also meet him and his talented staff and see for yourself how easy it can be to live in one of these beautiful homes.

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